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4 easy tips for a great charcuterie board

Heres a super easy formula for creating a no-fail, beautiful charcuterie board! Though there are no set rules; an easy 4 step formula will help you.

I've also created a sample shopping list to print on-the-go.

Keep everything in "threes." Not only will this give balance and beauty to your charcuterie board, it will also keep it simple. But shhhh, don't tell anyone because this beauty will look like you spent hours on it!

Step One:

Select 3 fruits. Choose fruits that have different colors and textures.

Heres a tip: keep the color wheel in mind! Oranges are always complimented by purples, and reds are complimented by greens.

Choose both larger and smaller scale fruits. Lastly, make sure at least one

fruit is from the citrus family. Think blood oranges!

Step Two:

Select 3 meats. Choose a variety of flavor. Select a smokey meat, a peppered meat and a savory meat, for example.

Step Three:

Select 3 cheeses. Again, you'll want to select a variety of flavors. Choose

a sharp or mild, a softer cheese and possibly a smoked or peppered variety.

Step Four:

Select 3 nuts and fats. Choose from a variety of nuts. Some may be sugared,

or smoked. Go for texture and shape for a visual pop! Next, select 3 "fats."

These may come from a prepared dip, or from a more natural source like

green olives or even stuffed olives.

Next: Use one or two wooden boards on which you'll create your charcuterie. Remember to place your 4 items out to where the textures and colors oppose each other. But don't stress about this. Trust me, this will

be a beautiful and tasty charcuterie board for your friends or family.

And you will be so thrilled at how easy it was to create!

Now go have fun!

Shopping List:

-3 fruits:

Blood oranges, red raspberries, bluberries

-3 meats:

Peppered turkey, roasted chicken, salami

-3 cheeses:

blue cheese, sharp cheddar, havarti

-3 nuts:

cashews, smoked almonds, sugared pecans

-3 fats:

Castlevetrano olives, large California black olives,

Jalapeno peppered jelly

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